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Van Daal Leenders Makelaars is a young and modern real estate agency. We are committed to our clients on a daily basis with more than 100% effort. In this way we can achieve the highest possible for them; the dreamed home purchase, achieving the highest yield on sale, of course in combination with excellent service.

Are you looking for a real estate agent? Someone who assists you with advice and deeds and possesses the expertise and reliability that you can use and desire? We are happy to assist you. We take a contemporary and personal approach.

Because we are affiliated with the NVM, our expertise is constantly tested and updated, so that you are assured of expert and reliable advice.

Van Daal Leenders Makelaars originated from and with the cooperation of Van Daal brokerage in Delft.

Van Daal Leenders Makelaars operates in the Haaglanden region. With our many years of experience and expertise, we are your partner par excellence for buying or selling your home!

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Max Leenders

Max Leenders

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Jan-Paul van Daal

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Roan Ketelaar

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Maaike de Boer

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Nicolette van Daal - Buurman


Van Daal Leenders Makelaars is knowledgeable. Van Daal Leenders Makelaars has sworn brokers and, just like the company, they are members of the NVM. Membership of the Dutch Association of Estate Agents (NVM) ensures that we update our professional knowledge every year. This way we stay informed of the latest developments in our field. And you are assured of expert and reliable advice.


NWWI is an independent non-profit foundation and accepted by the Home Owners Guarantee Fund (WEW), executor of the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG). At the NWWI, Van Daal Leenders Makelaars reports are validated by well-trained and experienced validation staff. Van Daal Leenders Makelaars has appraisers who understand their profession. These professionals, in collaboration with the NWWI, provide a validated report that lender and consumer can rely on.

Purchase brigade

Van Daal Leenders Makelaars is affiliated with the Aankoop Brigade, a carefully selected national network of NVM Purchasing Specialists. With a No cure No Pay service guarantee, the affiliated brokers are always ready to guide you to your dream home and guarantee an optimal service.


Property valuations must be made objectively and independently and carried out by qualified valuers. These appraisers act on the basis of recognized rules and guidelines. In the Dutch Register of Real Estate Appraisers (NRVT) you will find these qualified appraisers: Register-Taxateurs. The NRVT monitors, safeguards and promotes the independence, integrity and quality of the Register Taxateur and serves, as a central register of real estate valuers, the public interest of property valuations.

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